Our Mission

Lake Bluff Brewing Company started as a concept in the winter of 2009 while homebrewing in Rodd’s Lake Bluff, Illinois kitchen. Scotch Ale was the style that night, and an IPA, a Bourbon Stout and a Pilsner soon followed. The more we brewed, the more passionate we became about starting our own brewery. Soon the demand for our beer among friends, family and neighbors became overwhelming and Lake Bluff Brewing Company was born.

Lake Bluff Brewing Company is a small craft brewery devoted to upholding the lofty standards of quality craft beer being produced by so many fine Chicagoland microbreweries. We strive to create the finest beer available while minding the rich traditions of the brewing craft with a company that embraces the ideals of the close knit community of our beloved hometown.

Although Lake Bluff Brewing Company values tradition, we are a progressive business that encourages inspired and bold vision. Our brewery is a bit of the old coupled with a lot of the new: uncommon beers, environmentally sound practices and fresh ideas. And we are LOCAL. Whenever possible, we buy local, we distribute local and we team with other North Shore businesses. After all, if you are not supporting your friends and neighbors, then who are you really supporting?