Kosmonaut Russian Imperial Stout Wins A Gold At US Open Beer Championship

Kosmonaut Russian Imperial Stout

And the gold medal winner for the 2013 U.S. Open Beer Championship Wood Barrel Aged Imperial Stout category is…Kosmonaut Russian Imperial Stout from Lake Bluff Brewing Company!

“Kosmonaut would like to thank all of his fans (he couldn’t have done it without you), his agent, the Lake Bluff Brewing Company crew….and most of all, brewer Mike Dorneker for nurturing him along for nine long months of whiskey barrel aging, through good times and bad, all to get to this glorious moment.”

“You like Kosmonaut, you really like Kosmonaut!!!”

(Please read in Russian accent) After nine month age in Koval oak whiskey barrel, Kosmonaut Russian Imperial Stout is born!  Kome komrade, drink in chokolate, fig, koffee and karmel characteristik, also hint of thing we do not have in Russia- long, yellow fruit and round tropical fruit, look like fuzzy bowling ball (banana and coconut).  Named for out-of-world dog of David, you enjoy, yes?

SRM: 71
IBU: 106.1
ABV: 11.08%
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